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Chef Eyal Shani

Shani was born in Jerusalem in 1959. His culinary passion was first instilled in him by his grandfather, an agronomist and a dedicated vegan, who exposed him to local markets, fields, and vineyards from a young age.

In 1989 he opened his first restaurant "Oceanus" in his home town of Jerusalem. There, he developed a unique culinary language based on regional Mediterranean products: olive oil, fish, tahini, fresh seasonal vegetables and of course, the tomato.

Since opening his fine dining restaurant, HASALON, in Tel Aviv, Shani is now the inspiration and the leading chef of 40 highly successful restaurants worldwide. 

Joined by his partner, Shahar Segal, the duo operates Port Said, Romano, Miznon, North Abraxas, HASALON and Malka in Tel Aviv, as well as Miznon locations in Vienna, Paris, Melbourne, Singapore and New York.

He is considered to be one of the leading figures in the Israeli culinary scene, starring in the TV series "Food for Thought" and appearing on the panel of judges during the past ten seasons of Israeli "Master Chef."

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About HaSalon Las Vegas

Eyal Shani's journey with his renowned restaurant Ha'Salon in Tel Aviv began in 2012. With his innovative culinary vision and passion for Israeli cuisine, Shani transformed a former production studio into a vibrant dining establishment. Ha'Salon, meaning "The Living Room" in Hebrew, quickly gained fame for its unique concept.

Shani aimed to create an intimate and communal dining experience, reminiscent of a gathering at his own home. The restaurant features an open kitchen where guests can witness the culinary magic unfold. The atmosphere is lively, with energetic music playing in the background, contributing to the vibrant ambiance. It is only fitting that this one of a kind celebratory dining experience has found its newest home in Las Vegas, a city known for its ability to push you to the edge.

Visit us at our locations in Tel Aviv, New York City, Miami and Paris to witness the madness and genius of Eyal Shani in an environment like none other. 

The Sphere, Las Vegas

Standing at over 360 ft. tall, Sphere at The Venetian is the world’s largest spherical structure and an architectural wonder. With 580,000 sq. ft. of fully programmable LED exterior, it’s destined to be the next iconic landmark in the Las Vegas skyline. To learn more about Sphere, visit

The Venetian is currently the only casino associated with the Sphere and the only one with a bridge that is connected to it.

There is easy access to the Sphere via the Sands Avenue Bridge Entrance to The Venetian, right next to HaSalon and Miznon. 

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